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Pascale Dollfus and François Jacquesson

Pascale Dollfus and François Jacquesson, Khiksaba. A Festival in Sherdukpen Country (Arunachal Pradesh, North-East India), Spectrum Publication, Guwahati, 2013, 182 pages.

This book describes in detail the various aspects of the Khiksaba festival of the Sherdukpen people of Arunachal Pradesh, held every year at Rupa. It presents an eye-witness account of the celebrations from start to finish—from the preparations in Assam to the final episodes that take place in Rupa.

The Khiksaba festival showcases a large part of the village’s cultural heritage through the choice of costumes, dances and songs that are distributed among a few well-defined groups of performers—the Tsokbos, the Batpos, the Gomchinpos and two traditional choir groups, the Baidongpos and the Lorjangpos. The festival celebrations also feature the Khikzizis, the local priests, and the hierarchies organizing Sherdukpen society.

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