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Land-Water (2012-2016) – Olivia Aubriot, Tristan Bruslé, Marie-Amélie Candau, Jérôme Picard and Caroline Sarrazin

The Land-Water project is part of the ANR research programme Sustainability and adaptation of productive ecosystems, territories and resources to global change (Agrobiosphere), 2012 edition.

This programme is funded by the French national research agency (ANR).

Project coordinator : Julie TROTTIER (Unité ART-Dev) –

Partners :
- Centre for Himalayan Studies (CEH)
- UMR 5281 Unité ART-Dev

Land and water

This project sets out to ascertain the adaptability of the actors involved in food production by implementing strategies at an intermediate level, while facing global changes. Our point of entry is the constraints experienced by these actors who are having to cope with upheavals in land tenure, water management and ecosystems. This project studies seven regions with very different levels of economic development in Madagascar, Uganda, the West Bank, the Lebanon, Kenya, Nepal and France.
Permanent members of CEH who contribute to this research project :
- Olivia Aubriot
- Tristan Bruslé
- Jérôme Picard

PhD students affiliated to CEH who contribute to this research project :
- Marie-Amélie Candau- Caroline Sarrazin