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Daniela Berti & Gilles Tarabout (eds)

Daniela Berti & Gilles Tarabout (eds). 2015. Special Issue of Diogenes, 60 (3-4) [translation of Diogène,239-240],

Content :
• Daniela Berti & Gilles Tarabout, "Introduction. Practices of Justice : Categories, Procedures and Strategies"
• Deborah Puccio-Den, "Judging the Mafia : Categorization under Law and Moral Economies in Italy (1980–2010)"
• Sarbani Sen, "The ‘Public Interest’ in India : Contestation and Confrontation before the Supreme Court"
• Antonio de Lauri, "Between law and customs : Normative interconnections in Kabul’s tribunals"
• Ranabir Samaddar, "Beyond the Frame of Practical Reason : The Indian Evidence Act and Its Performative Life"
• Véronique Bouillier, "How Should the Other be Judged ? Justice and Cultural Difference in French Assize Courts"
• Bin Li, "Assessors or Popular Jury ? Variations around Citizen Participation in the Chinese Justice System"
• Daniela Berti, "Local Powers and Judicial Constraints in a Case of Rape in India"
• Hualing Fu, "Away from Grass-roots ? The Irony of the Chinese Rural Legal Service"
• Maud Saint-Lary, "From Settlement to Divorce : An Islamic Judicial Practice in Burkina Faso"
• Yazid Ben Hounet, "‘Reconciliation is the foundation !’ : Courts of Justice and Unofficial Reconciliation Practices in Algeria and Sudan"
• Devika Bordia, "The Politics of Custom : Blood Money, Disputes, and Tribal Leadership in Western India"
• Sally Falk Moore, "Customary Law in One Area of 20th Century Africa : The Chagga of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania"

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