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History and geography of colour : language facts and communication systems (2008-2009) – Pascale Dollfus

Project financed by ISCC (Institut des sciences de la communication CNRS / Sorbonne Université)

Scientific coordination of iconography : Pascale Dollfus (CNRS-CEH)
Administrative coordinator and language specialist : François Jacquesson (CNRS-LACITO)
General scientific coordinator of the project : Michel Pastoureau (EPHE)

The problem and its relevance

Colours play an essential role in the organisation of what is communicable, from the most obvious emblems (flags, sea marks, rail and road signs) to discreet but no less significant contrasts (matt v. glossy, saturated v. desaturated). The press, the cinema, advertising, cityscapes (metal and glass suplplanting walls) and the countryside (and the Green Party) and our perception of old and new put an end to or disseminate all sorts of colour systems. Continue reading in French

Publication of findings of the project

DOLLFUS Pascale, JACQUESSON François et PASTOUREAU Michel (eds), 2013, Histoire et géographie de la couleur, Paris : Le Léopard d’Or (Cahiers du Léopard d’Or 13), 327 p.