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Pia holds a PhD in social anthropology and is currently contributing to the Rulnat research project as postdoctoral fellow.

Her work focuses on the legal, political and technical settings that frame the development of the mining industry in Greenland. She studies connections between mining laws and the independence issue regarding economic separation from Denmark, and the phenomenon of state construction linked to the development of land exploitation. She also examines the effects of mining projects on local communities and, for this purpose, follows social mobilizations against mining projects that have taken place since 2009. From this perspective, she pays particular attention to the issues surrounding uranium and rare earth elements, two types of resources that raise geopolitical and ecological questions which divide Greenlandic society.

Since 2016, she has been conducting a whole series of fieldwork within the political institutions of Nuuk and in southern Greenland, a region particularly affected by mining projects.

Articles et chapitres

2021 "Étude des législations minières groenlandaises (1932-2021) : indépendantisme minier, usages des terres et conflits sociaux", Nuevo Mundo Mundos Nuevos, Questions du temps présent, (online, 5 octobre 2021)

2019 "La société groenlandaise en mutation : itinéraire d’un État en devenir" Les régions de l’Arctique (Neuilly, Atlande) : 79-95 [Clefs concours]

2019 "Habiter l’Arctique, une entrée par la pratique des acteurs : le cas de Qassiarsuk, au Groenland" Les régions de l’Arctique (Neuilly, Atlande) : 185-192 [Clefs concours]