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Séminaire ANR RULNAT

vendredi 27 janvier 2023, 10h30–12h30
Séminaire RULNAT


Séminaire de l’ANR RULNAT
Judiciariser la nature. Animaux et environnement au tribunal

Adam Runacres
Department of Anthropology, University College London

Encounters along the Jungly Border :
Authority and Negotiated Livelihoods around Panna Tiger Reserve in Central India

Discussant : Anthony Good
Emeritus Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh


For those living along the borders of Panna Tiger Reserve, daily life involves interactions and encounters with conservation officials and officers, sometimes as neighbours, even as friends, but often via conflict relating to the curtailment and prohibition of traditionally forest-dependent livelihoods. This presentation will draw on 17 months of ethnographic research between 2016 and 2018 living on the reserve border to explore the negotiation of livelihoods and the assertion of forest department authority in a context of ever-increasing state attempts to eradicate village life from a landscape set aside for conservation. It will analyse what this means for the future lives of the village people and their animals as well as the conservation people and their animals as a fast-approaching river-linking project seeks to drastically alter the landscape upon which all depend.

Campus Condorcet, EHESS
2 Cours des Humanités, Aubervilliers
Salle A202 (2e étage)
Métro ligne 12 ’Front Populaire’

Contacts : (Daniela Berti, Vanessa Manceron, Sandrine Revet)

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